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The Network

E-Vision owns and operates its own networking equipment around the country.  This equipment sits in various data centres in major capital cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane).   Each data centre location is connected via high speed Ethernet connectivity, supplying redundancy not only intra-city but inter-state.

Broadband Infrastructure

Good supplier relationships has always been an important philosophy to the team at E-Vision.  Having been operating for over nine years, with many of our key suppliers having been part of our growth since day one - maintaining these supplier relationships has provided an unrivalled access to broadband infrastructure.

Today, E-Vision can provide DSL access in any state or territory in Australia, and ADSL2+ access in over 440 exchanges.


Maintaining a reliable network has always been the goal - particularly given our traditional target market of businesses and corporations across Australia - therefore it has always been important to choose network providers who take the same pride in their network as we do with our own.  E-Vision's network provider partners are Tier 1 (and Tier 2) carriers.

Reliability is taken further due to our mutliple upstream Internet feeds, and Internal network capable of distributing Internet and Private Network traffic in the event of local provider failures.


E-Vision's goal is to provide superior performance across all customers, whether you are a corporate, business or residential customer.  We carefully manage our network, and are alerted to unusual network conditions 24x7 so that action can be taken to assure quality of service for all customers.   Contention on all our services are among the best in this Industry for each customer class.   Separation of our Corporate grade data traffic from Residential and SOHO traffic further ensures this quality.

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