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E-Vision Corporate Grade Broadband

ADSL, ADSL2 (Annex A and M) and SHDSL provide the biggest bang for your dollar when it comes to performance, but what about reliability and guarantee of that performance?

A broadband connection might seem cheap, or provide value for money - but what is the impact on your business if the connection is not available? 

If your business relies upon data or Internet connectivity for essential business operations, what is the true cost if your broadband is unavailable for one day, or maybe two?   Most competing business grade services can only really provide next business day fixes, because that is the standard offering from third party providers involved in the connection (eg the line provider).

E-Vision's Corporate Grade services help to solve the dilemma of achieving the value provided by DSL based broadband and providing more than just a "guarantee".   Corporate Grade services come with a 4 hour rectification target, which in most cases includes not only the "service", but the copper line and the router (when fully managed by E-Vision).   The SLA even covers a 24x7 period (not just business hours as many competing services do).

Corporate Plans

E-Vision does not publish a set of standard Corporate Plans, as the number of options and inclusions are practically infinite.  Packages and pricing vary as they are tailored to suit your needs.

You can expect prices to be a little higher than standard business grade plans, however they remain the best value in cases where businesses can not afford to be offline, or need to ensure that network peformance is always available.

Call us, or email to have a package tailored to your needs.

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