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The Bottom Line

E-Vision understands that in business, when you spend money, it’s an investment and you expect a return. We also understand that business communications provide an essential platform to support your relationships with clients and suppliers. That’s why things like email, e-commerce, business to business electronic services, and internet telephony are such essential tools. They keep your business in touch with the outside world.


E-Vision's business and corporate grade broadband services keep you communicating. It allows your customers to get hold of you, and you to get hold of your suppliers. The wheels of industry turn and everyone feels comfortable because the relationships are easy to maintain. This has a direct impact on your bottom line. So, E-Vision isn’t just offering you the opportunity to save money, we’re offering you the opportunity to make it.


Time for Tech Talk

E-Vision offers ADSL/ADSL2+ and SHDSL. Both are provided as business or corporate grade data services delivered via existing copper wires. Both provide high speed connectivity for internet access, a business intranet, or home/business remote access. 


The differences between the 2 are subtle, but important. With ADSL your downloads are faster than your uploads. Download speeds range from 256 Kb/s to 22 Mb/s, while upload speeds range from 64 Kb/s to 1 Mb/s. With SHDSL the speeds for downloading and uploading are the same. Depending on which SHDSL option you prefer, these speeds range from 512 Kb/s through to 2 Mb/s.

If you want to know more about the technical side of ADSL and SHDSL - you can read more here.


Chiselled in stone

Our promises are chiseled in stone. In fact, all of our business and corporate grade services are backed with industry leading guarantees. That means we’ve actually gone further than we have to, in order to provide you with peace of mind.


If you want to know more about E-Vision's guarantees, call us today, or email our sales team.


The  Differences

What is the difference between Business and Corporate Grade?   Both offer etremely low contention ratios, high performance and receive priority on key business applications on our network.  The primary difference is in the rectification targets and the coverage of our Service Level Agreements (SLA's).   The SLA's on Corporate Grade services provide four hour fault rectification targets and 24x7 coverage.


The Plans


Contact us to discuss which plans will best suit your requirements

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