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Business Ethernet over Copper

Ever noticed that broadband speeds seem to be getting slower?  Or is it just that your data usage needs are getting more complex.   If you have ever considered upgrading your ADSL or SHDSL connections to Fibre, you may have come to the realisation that the reach of Optical Fibre networks is just not where it needs to be to suit your business.  Even if Fibre is in your general area, it can be a costly exercise to bring those superfast speeds to your door.

Thats where E-Vision's Ethernet over Copper technology comes in.

What is Ethernet over Copper?

Using the standard copper lines from your local exchange, E-Vision is able to combine a number of these lines together to bring fibre like speeds of up to 40Mb/s.  This is 40Mb/s in both directions (synchronous) which is perfect for any business data requirements.   Similarly to how ADSL and SHDSL works, the maximum speed is a factor of line quality and distance from your local exchange.

How reliable is it?

Fibre is considered to be one of the most reliable data delivery services, however even it has a weakness - namely accidental fibre cuts.  Contractors digging in the wrong spot for example, and this can be at any point along the fibre ring.   Ethernet over Copper takes multiple copper lines and bonds them together to form a single high speed service.   Any individual line can fail or be damaged, yet the service will not necessarily go down.  Performance may be reduced, but the redundant copper lines will continue to operate.

What can Ethernet over Copper be used for?

Ethernet over Copper (EOC) suits most major business data requirements.  Some of the ways our customes use EOC include; Connectivity between offices (local or interstate), Server hosting, high speed Internet, disaster recovery and offsite backups to name a few.

Where is Ethernet over Copper available?

EOC is currently available in metropolitan areas in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth as well as some major regional locations.

Want more information?

Probably the best place to start would be by submitting an enquiry or giving us a call. We can investigate to see whether Ethernet over Copper is available in your area.

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