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All sorts of valuable information is stored on computers. This statement of the bleeding obvious should sound alarm bells regarding where the computers themselves are stored.

When it comes to storing the E-Vision servers, we insist upon housing them in world class data centres. Anything else is a disaster waiting to happen, and we're not willing to take that risk. After all, our business is based on providing secure, reliable hosting to our clients. So, we're actually more freaked-out about losing stuff than you are. In the cold, hard, light of day, if anything happens, we're out of business.

When it comes to hosting your website, email, eCommerce, or just about any other application, E-Vision provides various solutions with superb connectivity and built-in redundancy. In other words, your website and servers will always be accessible to your clients.

The E-Vision hosting solutions include:

Virtual hosting
    Windows : ASP, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server
    Linux : PHP, Perl, MySQL
Dedicated hosting
Co-location of your equipment

Because hosting and data security are really serious issues, may we suggest you call the E-Vision hosting specialists to discuss a solution for your business? It is worth the effort.

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