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E-Vision Mobile Broadband

Regain your freedom with E-Vision's mobile broadband solutions.  Operating on a 3G / HSDPA mobile data network - getting access to your email, corporate intranet or for some web surfing - you will no longer be bound to your desk.

3G / HSDPA data networks offer the largest coverage of any wireless broadand alternative and can revert back to GPRS where 3G or HSDPA is not yet enabled.

E-Vision's Business mobile service is accessible using a wide range of accessibility options including handheld PDAs, USB dongle for laptop computers, laptops with built in 3G support and more.

Prices start at $19.95 per month for 1GB data - perfect for your PDA, or remote laptop usage.

E-Vision 3G Wireless Backup for Businesses

If your Internet connectivity is essential for business operation, in many cases, particularly for Small to Medium Enterprise companies, automatic failover to 3G Wireless can be a cost effective backup option.   E-Vision has plans that allow for up to 5GB per month of data usage for as little as $49.95 per month.

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