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Managed Private Networks

Does your organisation have multiple offices?  Maybe you already have some form of data communication between your offices - however the common complaints we hear from prospective customers are:  that they are either too expensive to operate, which has an impact on the bandwidth they can justify, in turn, impacting on business operations.  The other complaint is from customers who utilise internet connectivity and run Virtual Private Networks, while these can be cost effective, they can not provide guarantees - particuarly in relation to performance.

E-Vision's Managed Private Networks solve both these problems.   We provide dedicated bandwidth in a secure (ie private) infrastructure that does not in any way transverse the public Internet - but at a cost which is affordable.

Features of E-Vision's Private Networks

Private Secure Environment
Guaranteed Bandwidth and Performance
Quality of Service (prioritise VoIP, Conferencing, Citrix for example)
Guaranteed Availability and Uptime
Expand your network nationally with a truly affordable investment
Utilise a mix of Access technologies (eg Fibre, Ethernet over Copper, Wireless, ADSL2+, SHDSL, ISDN)
National Dialup access to Private Network at local call rates
Redundancy built in via redundant access technologies (eg ISDN failover)

Call us, or email our Private Network experts to find out how E-Vision can solve your business connectivity problems.

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