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Dial where you are

When you can't access higher speed options, and you need your net fix, or just need Internet on a budget - E-Vision dialup internet is the answer.

With a single dial up access number that you can call with the cost of a local call anywhere across our great country, you can be surfing the Net or reading your emails in no time at all.

Combine dialup with our exceptional webmail, anti-spam and anti-virus features and you have the best value internet available.

Dialup features

  56K or up to 128K ISDN dialup
  Single national dialup access number
  Up to 5 Email addresses
  Webmail access - synchronise with Outlook
  Free Anti-Spam
  Free Anti-Virus scanning of received emails
  Huge discounts on Internet Security software

To signup for Dialup Internet - fill out our online application

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