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Switch your Home Phone to E-Vision and start saving!

You may have noticed that many ISP's force you to use their Home Phone product with their broadband, particularly on their ADSL2 plans.  Have you checked out their call costs?   You may save some money on the monthly DSL costs, but how much are you spending on your phone calls and line rental?

While E-Vision does have ADSL2 plans that bundle your home phone, it is a choice - not something forced upon you.   And when you do choose to bundle your home phone - there are genuine savings to be made both on the monthly DSL packages, as well as on your call costs.

E-Vision through its subsidiary company First Reach, are not just an ISP with a side business in Voice - First Reach has been providing customers with voice services for over 4 years - including residential and business phone lines and Voice over IP (VoIP).

Don't need Broadband?

Even if you choose not to take up our broadband offers, or simply can't get it - E-Vision's home phone plans are excellent value. 

Get dialup Internet for only $2.20 per month for customers who choose E-Vision for their home phone.

Home Phone Plans

  No minimum contract period
  Great discounts on our DSL services when you have your Home Phone with E-Vision
  Simple plans with low line rental
  Get all your services on a single bill

E-Vision Home Phone - Value Plan
Local Calls  17.5c
National Calls  12.0c / min
Calls to Mobiles 33.0c / min
Call Connection 22.0c
Line Rental $29.95

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E-Vision Home Phone - Pro Plan
Local Calls  15.0c
National Calls  10c / min
Calls to Mobiles 27.0c / min
Call Connection 15.0c
Line Rental $35.95

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