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E-Vision Mobile Broadband

Regain your freedom with E-Vision's mobile broadband solutions.  Operating on a 3G / HSDPA mobile data network - getting access to your email, corporate intranet or for some web surfing - you will no longer be bound to your desk.

3G / HSDPA data networks offer the largest coverage of any wireless broadand alternative and can revert back to GPRS where 3G or HSDPA is not yet enabled.

E-Vision's mobile service will be accessible using a wide range of accessibility options including handheld PDAs, USB dongle for laptop computers, laptops with built in 3G support and more.

Wireless Mobile Broadband is coming soon to E-Vision :  Use the form below to register your interest, and to receive updates on E-Vision Mobile Broadband.

Mobile Broadband Enquiry Form  
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