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Working from Home Effectively

Are you or your team members working from home?

Chances are that in the past few months your business has had to deal with the challenges of most if not all your team working from home due COVID-19 pandemic.

Almost everyone working from home has used Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Web Ex to join meetings. If your organisation already has used Teams to communicate internally – through Instant Messaging (IM) or even video calling – then you are ready to use it as your work phone system.

You may not realise that Teams can be configured to receive and initiate external phone calls (even to Non-Teams Users). Even better, it can perform the full function of your existing phone system – without the need of any additional hardware.

Microsoft Teams’ ecosystem with apps for iOS and Android along with Windows, Mac, Linux and even in compatible web browsers means that you can extend your phone system to wherever your team is working. No configuration changes are necessary when a user works from home or office – the calls follow them, even when they are on the road with mobile devices.

Replace your phone system with Microsoft Teams

Providers such as E-Vision can integrate your existing phone numbers with Microsoft Teams, while configuring the call flows you require with all the typical PBX (business phone system) features including:

  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Queues
  • Voice Mail
  • Music on Hold

and much more. (see E-Vision’s teams calling page for a full list)

About E-Vision and Microsoft Teams

E-Vision brings calling to Microsoft Teams on your behalf through Direct Routing – a feature within Teams. All services are provided in the cloud – which means you don’t need to purchase any hardware.

If you are an existing E-Vision voice customer, we can easily configure individual numbers, part of a range or a whole range of numbers to be part of your Teams environment. This creates unlimited flexibility with any existing phone systems you may have by leaving some users in your existing system.

If you are a new to E-Vision, we will help you port your existing phone numbers across to Teams – no forwarding or redirects required.

Finally due to the way we implement Direct Routing integration, we can also move your users in a staged approach.

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